new pour of steps and sidewalk after removal. what a nice change!

New concrete

Affordable quality repairs for all you concrete and asphalt needs. Owner supervision on all jobs! 

​New asphalt being laid

New asphalt being laid before leveling and compaction. It will all be clean soon!

Are you happy with the looks of your home now? let us help.

​Sidewalk removal

Steps before

Removal of old broken sidewalk

A new concrete patio poured behind a home.


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Steps after

As Paving Contractors, we offer the best in asphalt and concrete and seal coating!

old sunken steps and walkway in need of repair

Concrete and asphalt repair

Asphalt sealcoating

this replacement is before form removal

  no more worry of your friends tripping

Asphalt sealcoating is the life of your driveway. A new sealcoating protects and beautifies old and new asphalt drives and parking areas.